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Shared calendar for communities

Create events and connect all your members in a dedicated space for your community.

Joynit is smart, easy to use and user friendly. The shared calendar and event feed allows members to be engaged with their community and to enjoy quality time in real-life.





Shared calendar for communities

The community calendar will outline all community events. Admins of the community will have access to a specialized dashboard to manage the community.

Find the most relevant information about the success of your past events, member participation and engagement so you can predict future participation based off of past performance and growth trends.


Create events online

Joyn’it creates dedicated all-inclusive event pages with all the information you might require including participant lists, descriptions, pictures, chats, locations, surveys and much more.

Enable seamless interaction and avoid back-and-forth email chains. Your event includes an intuitive chat functionality. All your invitees can chat with you or amongst themselves on the event page.


Invite all your members in just 1 click

You can invite your members by email, SMS, personalized notifications, or simply by sharing the event link. A customized calendar invite will be attached.

Create your personalized groups of members and invite them in a blink.

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Shared calendar for communities

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Shared calendar for communities

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