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The platform for sharing events and informal activities between employees that boosts the internal cohesion of your company.

Pamper your employees without exploding your budget!

Joynit is more than a corporate social network since we rely on physical meetings. The links created are not limited to the virtual, we give employees the opportunity to spend good times together and break silos.

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A clear and chronological view of all events

A clear and chronological view of all events created by you and your employees to enable them to learn about activities and to participate very simply.

Break the silos and strengthen the links between your employees simply without having to send them a week in knitting training!


Benefit from a calendar gathering all the events posted by the employees as well as the company.

You do not know what to do Thursday night? A colleague may be organizing a yoga class or an after-work, so take a look!


Slack integration

The Joynit shared calendar allows you to easily post your events and invitations to any social network or internal messaging used within your company or association. The integration is perfect and increases the sharing and communication around your events.

The diversity of profiles is the wealth of your company.

Joynit is a simple and scalable platform that breaks the ice.

From sports activities to board games, Joynit allows employees to meet around common interests in a simple, fast and friendly way.

Sharing your passions with colleagues from other departments brings employees together and builds team spirit.

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