Why Joynit came to be.

By Thibault Court the 27th July 2018

Before we came up with the idea for Joynit, my co-founder Godefroy and I would oftentimes find ourselves having conversations about the current state of Social Networking and our conversations led us to the conclusion that Social Networking wasn’t really all that social. The superficiality of social media bothered us. We were each connected to more than a thousand people on our social media accounts, but more than ninety percent of those connections were people we hadn’t spoken to in years. Our inboxes were littered with fake promises to hang out in the future with people we barely ever knew.

We spent a few days trying to figure out whether we were the only ones that felt this way. This was when we came across several articles discussing the several negative impacts social media had on the average users mental health.

Not only were social networking websites not contributing to real life interaction, they were actively substituting them by drawing your attention to banal updates on the lives of acquaintances. They were leading to isolation, low self-esteem, and addictive behaviour.

It was around then that Godefroy and I decided to work towards the purpose of making social networking more social – and call us conservative, but we believed that social interactions were meant to be face-to-face.

This is why we came up with Joynit.

Joynit combines the most forward-looking elements of social media with the most effective event management and organization tools in the market.

Our team of talented young individuals is dedicated to providing you with the best alternative to spending a Saturday night at home scrolling news feeds. By allowing users to truly connect with one another and view events that people are going to host in the future, we hope to create opportunities for meaningful face-to-face interaction.

We truly believe that in order to be a company that builds a better world, the metrics by which we measure success have to be different. Our KPIs are not related to how much time people spend on our platform. We measure success by how many events you create and participate in. This is what makes us different from the social networking giants that command the landscape today.

We figured that it was also imperative that we provide options for groups of individuals with common interests to get to know one another. This is the reason we created Communities by Joynit. Communities by Joynit provides event organizers, community administrators, influencers and corporations alike with the apparatus to create, manage, and promote events in the most effective way imaginable. We also provide communities with the ability to view analytics for their past events so they can better gauge how successful their future events will be.

Thanks to our connected calendar communties (associations, clubs, companies) can better communicate with their members about future events, sending invites and tracking RSVPs.

There’s an incredible amount that Joynit can do – and we’re so excited that you’re going to embark on this journey to find out how Joynit can work for you.


Thibault Court, co-founder

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