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Shared calendar for communities

Create events and connect all your members in a dedicated space for your community.

Joynit is smart, easy to use and user friendly. The shared calendar and event feed allows members to be engaged with their community and to enjoy quality time in real-life.





Shared online calendar

The community calendar makes it possible to create and share all events.

It's the perfect shared agenda for an association or a club!

Improve internal communication, easily visualize it all the events and the number of participants thanks to a simple and fun shared agenda, accessible to all the members of your association.

Community administrators have access to a dashboard to create and edit events or manage contacts in the shared calendar.

The shared calendar allows you to overlay the agenda of several associations and thus view easily the slots already occupied. The Joynit shared calendar is perfect for a group of associations, a student campus or a company!


Create events online

Each event is interactive and important information (date, time, location, participants, discussion, photos, polls, etc.) is always at hand.

Joynit helps you create the perfect event for your association, use the many built-in options such as:

  • Date poll
  • Location poll
  • Ticketing
  • Attendance table

Our mobile application allows synchronization to the calendars and the web application to easily add your favorite calendar.

Easily share the link of your interactive event to guests. Each Joynit event synchronizes very easily to the participants' agendas and allows you to send reminders to guests who have not yet responded!

No longer need long email exchanges within your association. Each event has its own chat and the important messages will remain visible to everyone in the discussion!


Manage your contact lists with ease

Add them one by one or import a whole file with a simple copy/paste!

Create your custom lists and then invite more quickly to your events.

Earn subscribers to enrich your contacts database and export them whenever you want.


invite all contacts / lists in 1 click!

Each of your events has a unique link, shareable on social networks to facilitate your communication. The shared calendar also allows to invite in 1 click a whole list of contacts to your events. Invitations are sent by emails, SMS and notifications on the mobile app and automatically synchronized to the guests' calendars.

Trigger reminders from your shared calendar to ensure optimal participation in each of your events. Communicate easily with your guests by sending personalized emails and SMS to share important information.


Integrated and customizable ticketing

Joynit includes a ticketing service that you can activate at each of your events. Whether your ticket is paid or free, the configuration is simple and complete.

Our mobile app allows validating tickets via QR code scan or by entering the code manually. Validation also works offline for your events in places where the network does not pass. You can easily select users who can validate tickets for your event.

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Shared calendar for communities

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Shared calendar for communities

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