Real-world socializing is the next big thing for social media

By Thibault Court the 29th March 2018

No doubt social networking has transformed the way we interact with friends and family, and has made the world a more open and connected place. There’s just one problem — social networking is not actually social.

You will likely never hear anyone saying “Hey, I had a great night last night on Facebook!“

“More meaningful social interactions with family and friends“

said M. Zuckerberg on January 12th 2018, while announcing the major change Facebook ever made in its algorithm in order to prioritize posts from friends and family.

From the Latin root socials, meaning “united, living with others,” the word social is firmly grounded in the physical world and implies face-to-face interaction.

But Facebook doesn’t understand old school, face-to-face social interaction, and it probably never will because the concept stands against the company's bottom line. The more time users spend with the computer screen, the more ads are served, and consequently the more money Facebook makes. While Facebook enables some real-world interactions (in particular through events), this practice is the exception, not the rule!

This key update is designed to slow down users churn (every day, too many of them uninstall the app, tired of the repeated ads or funny cats videos that have crowed out the social value), but there are no substitute to real-world interaction.

Humans are social creatures hard-wired for interpersonal contact and companionship, which is why true socializing will ultimately win the day: real-life accept no substitutes. Today, two converging trends have the potential to socialize social networking: the growth of mobile and the shift toward “future tense” sharing.

How do we bridge the gap between online and offline by becoming more connected with our real friends out in the real world? How do we make social networking actually social?

Learn more in our next article!

Thibault Court, Co-founder at Joynit - Scroll less, enjoy more!

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