Making social networking actually social

By Thibault Court the 15th June 2018

In our previous article (Joynit - 29 March 2018) we described how social networking has deeply transformed the way we interact with friends and family, and why real-world socializing is the next big thing for social media.

Currenlty, main limitation of social medias is certainly their structure, designed to mainly emphasize the Past (pictures, memories) or the Present (live stories). The one thing these 2 tenses have in common is

when you're seing the post on your feed, it's already too late!

Scrolling at memories of other on your feed or watching live stories of your best friends sharing good time will never taste as good as taking part yourself to these face-to-face social interactions. How many times did you say on the next day;

'Oh! If only I had knew, for sure I would have joined'

Which is why we decided to create Joynit. After 2 years of extensive preparation and development learn more about our solution:

First, for making social networking really social, the platform needs to focus on sharing the Future.

Imagine a feed full of future opportunities that will create meaningful connections to the people you love!

Learn more about our product and discover why we decided to create this unique social network by reading our article Why Joynit came to be

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